Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Dear Valued Guest,
Please take a minute to read our terms and conditions. These exist to make Ballina Beach Village a safe, happy and welcoming place to stay and includes our cancellation policy in the unfortunate circumstance that you need to cancel.

Arrivals and Departures
Check-in is from 12:00pm for sites and 2:00pm for Cabins. Check-out is by 10am. Please contact reception if any additional time is required.

Please make sure to bring a valid photo identification. A passport, government issued I.D. card or driving licence are all accepted as valid forms of identification and may be asked for at check-in.

We accept requests for specific sites or cabins, your request will be noted but not guaranteed.

Age Restrictions
Bookings cannot be accepted from any person under the age of 18 unless they are accompanied by an adult (18 or over). All bookings must have at least one adult in each Cabin/Site booked.

Payment (for Direct Bookings via our website www.ballinabv.com.au or over the phone)
A deposit of at least 1 night stay is required to secure all bookings. Depending on the time of booking, booking type and period between booking and visit full payment may be required on booking.

For school holidays, long weekend and peak seasons the balance of payment is due 30 days prior to arrival. For all other times the balance of payment  is due and payable 24 hours before checkin.

A Credit Card preauthorisation is required for all bookings.

Reminder email will be sent with the details of how to pay 7 days before the payment is due, The easiest way to make this payment is via the client portal https://guestportal.rmscloud.com/Login/Index?clientId=13473
Our preferred payment method is credit card, credit card details are required to secure all bookings, please be aware that we only accept Mastercard and Visa.
Please note credit card payments incur a 1.5% credit card surcharge.

Our rates are based on two guests per site or cabin; but of course, additional guests are more than welcome to a maximum of 6 people per site/cabin. Additional guests are from $10 per person for a site and $20 in a cabin and must are confirmed on booking. Infants 4 years and under are no additional charge. Rates vary for season, including additional guest charges and are subject to change.

Minimum Stays
Low season – No minimum night stay.
Mid season – (School holiday and long weekends) 2 nights minimum
Peak Season – (Christmas/New Year) 5 night minimum
Peak Season – (Easter) 4 night minimum
Peak Season – 3 night minimum

Management may vary the minimum stay, however this is limited to selected sites\cabins where there is a shorter vacancy between confirmed bookings and therefore we cannot guarantee a short duration will be acceptable at the time you make your booking, please call to enquire.

Cancellation Policy

If you do need to cancel your booking please note we can only accept cancellations in writing by email to [email protected].  Please include your Surname, phone number, reservation number, and the cancellation provision you are following (see below). 

Low Season: Up to 14 day prior:- A refund is provided (less $30 administration fee per site/cabin/tent/villa). Or funds paid are held in credit for up to 12 months. Less than 14 days to arrival date:- no refund of 1st night deposit, credit not available. 

School Holidays, Long Weekends and Group Bookings: 1 month prior:- A refund is provided (less $30 administration fee per site/cabin/tent/villa). Or funds paid are held in credit for up to 12 months.  Less than a month prior to the booking date:- no refunds given. 

Group bookings are classified as any booking of 5 or more sites or cabins, no matter if they are paid for individually or as a group. 

Unfortunately, we WILL NOT REFUND for reasons of late check-in, early check-out, shortening of stay, illness or poor weather while at the resort. 

Ballina Beach Village recommends all guests have travel insurance. 

The above cancellation policy applies to booking made directly with Ballina Beach Village & Ballina Beach Nature Resort (not through any Online Travel Agents).

All the linen, bedding & bath towels are provided, along with basic amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. All cabins have air conditioning for your comfort. During winter it can be cold; we recommend bringing additional doona’s if you are sensitive to the cold.

All cabins have cooking facilities including a cooktop, microwave oven, and fridge; and also includes crockery, cutlery and glasses plus basic pots and pans.

Guests will be given a key when they check-in. If the guest loses or damages the key, the guest will be charged $20.00 for a replacement – so please keep it safe!

It is our duty of care to advise all parents that the new Australian Standards Recommend that children under the age of 9 years should not sleep on the top bunk or elevated beds as it can be dangerous.

Guest Behaviour

The comfort, safety and security of our guests is important to us. Any guest(s) who, in the opinion of our staff, compromise the comfort, safety or security of other guests or staff will be asked to leave Ballina Beach Village and will not be given a refund.  Guests are expected to respect other guests, staff and property.

No Smoking

Smoking is not permitted in any of our Cabins, the Cafe, the Amenities Blocks or the Camp Kitchen.  Any guest found smoking inside a Cabin will be charged a $250.00 cleaning fee and asked to leave immediately. A refund will not be issued.

Ash trays are provided in front of every Cabin and Villa. Please ensure all cigarette butts are disposed in them.

No Drugs

Drug use is illegal in Australia. Any guest found using drugs at Ballina Beach Village will be asked to leave the premises immediately. A refund will not be issued.

Noise Curfew

We ask that everyone abide by our 10pm noise curfew. No music, gatherings, shouting etc, are permitted after 10pm. This is to allow all our guests a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep at our park. Guests who break this curfew will be asked to leave immediately and no refund will be issued.

Damage to Ballina Beach Village Property

Guests will be expected to reimburse Ballina Beach Village for any damage caused by misuse, inappropriate or reckless behaviour during their stay.

Finding us

We are located in South Ballina please refer to the directions on our location page to find us. Once you arrive if you are unclear as to where your site/cabin is located please refer to the park map or ask us for clarification.


There are three amenity blocks, including baby bath facilities, disabled bathroom and coin operated laundries. Washing machines and dryers take $1 coins or tokens, and are $5 per load.


Our café and kiosk is generally open from 8am to 5pm, and to 8pm on Friday and Saturday. During school holidays we operate till later each night with food service. If you would like to dine on the deck please book as tables are limited.


Our camp kitchen is available for your use, and features indoor BBQ’s, oven, fridge & freezer, microwave, jug and toaster, with indoor and outdoor seating overlooking the park. We ask that you limit the use of the camp kitchen after 10pm for the comfort of your fellow campers.

Dogs and other pets

Your socialised dog is welcome even in our dog friendly cabins all year round.  Ballina Beach Village operates with Ballina Shire Council approval on this basis. The management and control of your dog whilst in the Shire is your responsibility.

You must advise us that you have a pet(s) prior to arrival.   Please note there is a limit of 1 dog per site/cabin in peak periods.

  •  It is expected that dogs are not aggressive, inclined to bark and fully vaccinated.
  • Animals must be fully registered and have an identification tag with name and phone number on a secure collar.
  • Animals must be under the effective control of the owner at all times and cannot be left alone at any time.
  • Dogs must be on leash at all time unless you are supervising them in our fenced off dog park.
  • If staying in a cabin please bring your dogs bedding as they are not permitted on any of the furniture, failure to comply will result in extra cleaning/damages costs.
  • Please ensure you pick up after your dogs, doggie bags are provided in the dog park if you did not bring your own.
  • The beach in front of us and the river area to the north of Ballina Beach Village are National Park and therefore animals are not allowed under any circumstances.
  • If your dog can not comply with any of the above they will be asked to leave, and you will need to go with them.
  • There are certain areas within the village where from time to time animals are not allowed due to feeding of Glossy Black Cockatoos,  this will be clearly designated by signage.  Furthermore should Glossy Black Cockatoos may be observed feeding in the Site, animals are not to be tied to feed trees or trees adjacent to feed trees.
  • Guests must be aware that from time to time Ballina Shire Council conduct fox baiting within the South Ballina Nature reserve.  This is contained in areas where dogs are strictly not allowed, so please   ensure dogs do not enter these areas.
  • Cats and other domesticated animals will only be permitted with prior approval and are only allowed on the Site in cages at all times.
  • Guests are required to sign a registration form at or before check in, part of which confirms they have read and will comply with all the above rules.
  • If any rule is breached, the management of the Ballina Beach Village reserves the right to ask the guest to leave without any refund of unused money or dog bonds.


Only 1 vehicle per site or cabin unless specifically arranged with the office, and all vehicles must be parked completely within the sites boundary or cabin driveway,  boats and trailers must also be notified before arrival and must fit completely within the sites boundary or cabin driveway. Please drive at 4 Km/hr at all times and watch out for pedestrians & bike riders, particularly children.  Please do not allow children to ride bikes or scooters after dark.


We are an eco-destination with amazing on site bore, rain water and sewerage treatment plant. Please use our water wisely – it is a precious commodity, so please no long showers.

Our rainwater is collected from every roof via our first catchment system, double filtered and then sterilised with UV light before arriving at your tap – either in the long gooseneck taps in the cabins, or directly to your hose attachment on a powered site. Please ensure that you do not use the water provided to your powered site or fire hoses to hose down equipment, cars or boats.

We also have bore water which is filtered at many stages and then sterilised with a small amount of chlorine which we use for the washing up taps, showers, bathrooms in the cabins. During a dry season, the bore water can get very concentrated as it is highly mineralised with iron, calcium and magnesium (in fact it is very good to bathe in for this reason). It is quite potable, but the taste is strong and we don’t recommend you drink it, or fill your water tanks with it.

The minerals in the bore water make it somewhat corrosive. Please note that we do not recommend that you wash your car with it. Similarly, you will see corrosion on the stainless steel cutlery and the taps in the bathroom. Our apologies, this is not in anyway indicative of lack of cleanliness but rather a symptom of the bore water minerals which deposit within 12 hours on all metal surfaces.


We process all sewerage on site, so please do not put harsh chemicals, nappies, solid materials or excessive toilet paper into the toilets and sinks as this may disrupt the delicate balance of bacteria in our treatment.


Yes, we allow camp fires! For the safety of all of our guests, there are certain conditions that we ask our guests to adhere to, and fires are permitted in braziers only. We may impose a park ban if management deems it too hazardous; or during total fire bans or high winds (please check the NSW Rural Fire Service website). Fires must be put out if directed by the management to do so. At no time are fires to be left unattended.

Please note you must not cut or break trees or branches on our property or any of the surrounding national park or other lands for fire wood, wood and kindle is available for purchase. If you have your own brazier, we ask that you let us approve them prior to use; alternatively, you can hire one from us for $10 per day. Please complete the Brazier form from the office regardless of whether you are using your brazier or renting ours. Fires must be in a brazier with legs and a solid pan to catch all the ashes and coals. Braziers not to be on cabin verandas, under awnings, under trees or within 3m of a tree trunk or any structure. Please be mindful of wind and placement of your brazier to ensure that smoke is not disturbing your neighbours.

Site information

We make every effort to ensure all information displayed on our website is accurate. We are unable to guarantee that the website is free of errors or faults. We reserve the right to change information displayed on our website (including these terms and conditions) at any time without notice to you.

For further details about Ballina Beach Village and activities and frequently asked questions please refer to our website www.ballinabv.com.au

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