Laughing Buddha Retreats Testimonials - Ballina Beach Village
Laughing Buddha Retreats Testimonials


Life inspiring time

My 4 days spent at Ballina Beach Retreat, Laughing Buddha Retreat has been one of the most inspiring times of my life.
I have connected with my inner being through our yoga sessions with Anna which has brought me to a place of total peace, tranquility and
The nuturing and love that I have felt here has inspired me to be all that I can be with no inhibitions. Love to all who have been a part of
this wonderful group and the effort by all who have made this retreat a success. I will be back.


So enjoyable!

I very much enjoyed the gentle progression through the workshop.
I enjoyed learning new poses and methods.
Thank you Anna for your gentle guidance and clear instructions.
It has been a wonderful time.
Gorgeous to share it with such a lovely group.
all the very best
Jenny C


Destressed and Relaxed

My name is Helen, I was very tired and stressed when I arrived for a 4 day Laughing Buddha Yoga retreat. It certainly has been a magical adventure both physically and spiritually. The yoga classes taught by Anna were the perfect way to become destressed. We were kept busy and entertained with the most amazing creative talent.
Our hosts Rikki and Bernard made our stay very special. I can highly recommend this 4 day retreat, it is one of the best things I have ever
done. The friendships that I have made and all of the above have been well worth it.
I will be back.
Love to all.


Refresh, enliven your Spirit & Relax

Four months into my first pregnancy, during school jolidays I decided I needed a big dose of Yoga, meditation & relaxation…..alone.
I found an ad for the Laughing Buddah Retreat at Ballina Beach Village & as the program and price were so attractive, I booked in straight away. It was perfect!
The yoga was gentle and tailored towards our individual need & the meditation practice was led so quietly it allowed us all to drift away to places of peace.
Other activities such as Kirtan singing and african drumming added a fun element of play where we could open ourselves up.
Rikki, who runs the village was very welcoming & loving & this personal touch added to the feeling of warmth, despite the winter cold.
The food was home cooked, diverse, healthy & abundant, satisfying every taste.
And the people and connections we made were priceless. Such beautiful people, a wonderful environment and a fantastic course.
I would highly reccomend this to everyone!
Excellent value for money too!
Thank you!


Review of Yoga Retreat at Laughing Buddha

A very enjoyable experience with to share with my daughter and with an unanticipated wonderful group of participants.
Learnng the basics of yoga has encouraged me to do more.
I would suggest that another retreat may be for me a great family bonding and holiday experience.
The personalised service and consideration given to guests at the laughing budda completes your stay in Ballina.
Did I mention the food, it is fantastic and so diververse and healthy. What an credible package and value for money.


The retreat was all I expected and more
on August 27, 2011

Annushka, what a wonderful warm lady. The retreat was all I expected and more.
I feel energised and ready to face the world of work again. I would recommend the retreat to anyone wanting to re-connect,re-energise, ‘re-whatever’you will find it here.
Thankyou Annushka and Dave.


Excellent opportunity to take a break from the city
on August 27, 2011

The retreat was an excellent opportunity to take a break from the city.
I really enjoyed the activities as well as the yoga. The chanting and mandala painting were excellent.
Annushka is a wonderful Yoga teacher.


A truly wonderful four days
on August 27, 2011

A truly wonderful four days!
Very nurturing! Annushka and Dave are wonderful co-ordinators and facilitators.


Laughing Buddha offers so much!
on August 27, 2011

Fantastic four days of pure relaxation and nurturing sessions.
The Laughing Buddha offers so much to enable a person to find their inner peaceful self. Recommend it to anyone who needs fun, laughter, good company and a great teacher who offers yoga and meditation.


Learnt to deal and cope with stress
on August 27, 2011

I came to the retreat to initially support my mum and ended up really enjoying myself and learning so much.
I have learnt to deal and cope with stress and how to get rid of any negative thoughts.
I really enjoyed the yoga and the African Drumming was great fun! I also met so many special people that I really admire.
Thankyou Annushka and Dave for this fantastic retreat!!


This retreat has been the best thing
on August 27, 2011

This retreat has been the best thing for me after recovering from illness.
I came with my daughter who has been my strength. We have never tried yoga before and after the four days it will definitely be part of our lives.
We’ve met so many lovely and positive ladies. We thank Annushka and Dave so much for their gentle and kind ways. They are beautiful people.
The cabins were clean and comfortable and the healthy meals are a turning point to eating properly.


Feel relaxed and happy
on August 27, 2011

I loved the yoga sessions, meditation, chanting, fire dancing, painting and drumming.
Food was wonderful, enjoyed every meal. I did miss coffee so enjoyed a cappucino each day!!
Annushka and Dave are warm and welcoming. I felt comfortable at all times during the retreat.
Chanting and painting were definitely more challenging for me as a participant, however I did enjoy each experience and very much enjoyed the variety of experiences offered.
I feel relaxed and happy from my time at the Laughing Buddha Retreat.
Thank you.


What a fantastic experience!
on August 27, 2011

What a fantastic experience!
I came with a hope of becomming relaxed and revitalised – and I am leaving even better than I dreamed.
Thankyou Annushka and Dave – You have made this retreat an amazing experience and I definitely plan on returning soon.


The retreat was a great experience
on August 27, 2011

The retreat was a great experience.
There was a great mix of activities and yoga, plus many opportunities to walk on the beach and bush.
Annushka has a beautiful manner which really came through in her yoga teaching.
All up the retreat was a great break and a really refreshing experience.
Plus the food was great!


A Beautiful Experience
on October 16, 2011

The Laughing Buddha Yoga Retreat was a beautiful experience. The twice daily yoga and evening meditation sessions, the great food and the beachside cabin accomodatin provides a perfect package of rest,revitalisation and rejuvenation – restoring my energy and inner calm. Annushka (Anna), the Yoga teacher was wonderful as were the staff at the South Ballina Beach Village. To get away from the stresses of dayly living, without costing the earth, this retreat is perfect. Couldn’t fault it!


Wonderful Yoga
on October 16, 2011

Thanks so much for this calming relaxing retreat – days filled with yoga sessions – Anna you do wonderful yoga sessions – explaining techniques and guiding the group. Will definatley be back. The whole package was special.


A Wonderful Experience!
on October 16, 2011

What a wonderful experience! Thanks to everyone at South Ballina Beach Village for a few days of true R&R. I feel like a different person & look forward to taking all that I’ve learnt home with me to put into daily practice.
Thanks, Leigh


Feeling So Much More Relaxed
on October 16, 2011

Thanks Anna for a really wonderful week. I’m feeling so much more relaxed,calm and focused. I’m also feeling stronger and more flexible in my body. The week has gone so quickly but I’ve had such a great time. I’d love to come back one day and will definitely recommend the retreat to my friends.
Thanks again Anna 🙂


Would Definetly Come Back
on October 16, 2011

Thank you Anna for a beautiful week. I have learnt a lot and would definitely come back. Hopefully will see you again in the near future.


Enjoyed my Stay

Thoroughly enjoyed my stay and the classes with Annushka (Anna). Both Annushka and Dave were wonderful and the staff at the part were more than welcoming. Food was fantastic and the people on the retreat were great. Loved everything abut my stay. I will be back and refer others.


Cleansing Yoga and Lots of Laughs
on October 16, 2011

A great week of relaxing and cleansing yoga and lots of laughs. Thanks so much to Anna and Dave for making the week even more special with your kind and caring directions and motivational thoughts. The food was fantastic and everyone was friendly and fun. The location was perfect and the optional activities were very enjoyable.
Thanks again,


Enjoyed Every Minute
on October 16, 2011

When I first got here I was really apprehensive as I’ve never been to a yoga retreat before. But I’ve thoroughly relaxed and enjoyed every minute of this retreat. Loved the African drumming. Anna was absolutely amazing and such a beautiful person. I also met some great people here. Thank you so much for this awesome retreat.


My Yoga Practice has Improved
on October 16, 2011

I feel my yoga practice has improved and I feel significantly more relaxed than when I arrived. I really enjoyed the extra activities like chanting, African drumming and Chakra Balancing. I will recommend this retreat to my friends.


Hi, I don;t feel I’ve had a chance to thank you properly for the wonderful food you’ve prepared for us all this week. It has been an important part of how great this week has been. At a time when we have been without alcohol, meat, caffeine (!!) and sugar, it should have felt a very ascetic experience. But instead we have felt truly pampered and truly nourished. It is not an exaggeration to say that every mouthful has been pure pleasure.
So thanks!